Our story

We don’t have a fancy story for how ukti came about.
3 friends at a cafe discussing how western wear in Indian fabrics could be more affordable & accessible. And instead of waiting for somebody else to do this, the three friends decided to give this a shot.
This is simply how ukti came about.
Ukti is expression.
Our founding philosophy is simple. Create comfortable clothes for the women of today & tomorrow, that can help them express themselves outside of the moulds & boxes created for them.
Our clothes are intended to be a medley of Indian & modern. From our fabrics to the accessories to our tailors, everybody and everything is unabashedly Indian. But our designs, they are most definitely modern. We use classic textiles in contemporary styles to create clothes you can wear everyday. 
The fact that we had no background in design, arts or fashion didn't give us pause. If nothing, it motivates us to work harder & longer to give life to our collective vision.
And as we unveil our first collection, we are telling you our goals for ukti.  Feel free to hold us to these commitments:
  • create opportunities for local artisans, especially women 
  • use sustainable materials & methods 
  • and keep it simple, always
Thank you for stopping by our website. We hope to see you wearing an ukti creation soon. 
Much love,
Team Ukti